Gallery updated! Photos from Hokkaido, Japan

If you have visited this website over the last few years, you will know I used to hand-craft the HTML and CSS myself with the aid of a bunch of Perl scripts that parsed my photos and sorted them into something sensible and presented them in a consistent fashion.

On advice from friends, and relatives (thank you, Colleen) I have made the move over to WordPress for presenting the website. I have also made some moves into “Social Media” – oooh, look at me! Maybe more of that later.

Anyway, as part of the process of moving over to WordPress, I have revisited some older photos, using newer technologies like SilverEfex Pro and the latest Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Most recently, I have reworked my photos from Hokkaido, Japan and it proved a very pleasurable couple of days. So, please click on Galleries (or the following link) and have a look at the Hokkaido photos.