Preventing dashes, or hyphens, in Photoshop Save for Web

You know the way it works… you name your photo “2012 Mum and me at the seaside” and save it as a JPEG to Email to someone, and then, all of a sudden (and extremely annoyingly) Photoshop decides to call it “2012-Mum-and-me-at-the-seaside.jpg“.

Well, here is how to suppress those pesky dashes, or hyphens once and for all.

1. Open a photo, any photo in Photoshop

2. Click “File-> Save for Web & Devices” and now click on the tiny menu at the top right corner and then click “Edit Output Settings.








3. Now select “Saving Files” and then remove the tick/checkmark next to “Unix” Filename Compatibility.

4. Done! No more pesky dashes for you!

9 thoughts on “Preventing dashes, or hyphens, in Photoshop Save for Web

  1. This is great! Thanks! It works.

    This is one of the most annoying things in Photoshop, and it’s really hard to know find the setting to stop this…. One has to search online, and find wonderful blogs like this.

    How are people supposed to figure out that “Filename Compatibility -> Unix” means “Add stupid hyphens or dashes or underscore to filenames, and annoy the hell out of people”? The designers should try to improve the usability here.

  2. Dude, thank you so much for the tip! It always made me go crazy when I saw the stupid dashes and underscores in my Photoshop names. But, I Googled it, and found this great post! Thanks 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this tip. It was driving me crazy and costing me a lot of time removing those wretched hyphens. I doubt I would have found it without your help.

  4. You just made my day, saved my life and the lifes of the ones that will come after me, mwahahaha!

    No, seriously, thanks a million! 😉

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